Froch gets into fight mode - threatens to 'kill' and 'nut' Kessler

National newspapers have leapt on comments made by Carl Froch as the IBF champion fulfilled media obligations for his blockbuster PPV revenge fight with WBA champion Mikkel Kessler on Saturday.

The fight, which reportedly sold out the O2 in just four hours, is generating plenty of headlines. Perhaps anticipating it would create a few more, Froch, who has in the past shown plenty of respect for Kessler, turned nasty. He told The Guardian:

“On Saturday night, if I have to, I will kill this f*****. I will kill him. It sounds brutal, it sounds horrible, but that is what this means to me.

"I want to do him some damage. That's how I feel inside. If I have to nut him, I will. I have never really felt like this before. I have wanted to win before, but … I don't know what it is … but there is something about this guy that winds me up. It is anger and I have got to channel it. I am in there not just to win this fight but to put him out of the game"

Mikkel Kessler (@MikkelKessler) responded to Froch's comments on Twitter:

@Carl_Froch Says he wants to kill me - thats not very polite :))

BBBoC General Secretary Robert Smith wasn't exactly over the moon about Froch's outburst. He told Gareth A Davies of the Telegraph:

"It's unfortunate and inappropriate that he's said this. You might bear in mind the stage, the biggest fight of his life and he's hellbent on revenge - but he knows these things are wrong to say for a boxer, he's a father for goodness sake, but all this will be borne in mind when we look at the situation."

"We're very disappointed that Carl should say that. He has always been a model professional and he understands the dangers of the sport as we all do."


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