Dave Tonks sees a bright future for Robbie Davis Jnr

After an explosive start to his professional career, Kirkby's Robbie Davies Jnr (2-0) sees back to back six round action in November and December, and his trainer Dave Tonks’ is making bold predictions about his future:

“There’s nothing at all stopping him from going all the way. I’ve been involved in boxing for a long time and I always knew Robbie had a little something special about him" says Tonks.

Neither of Davies Jnr's first two fights have seen the second round. On his debut in June, Wolverhampton's Carl Allen retired after the first, and in September, Davies Jnr put Bexleyheath's Josh Thorne down three times in the opener.

The former Knowsley Vale ABC boxer grew up a ring walk away from where John Conteh and Paul Hodkinson received their fistic education. Although considered an underachiever at senior level, Davies performed admirably in several ABA tournaments and was rewarded by his country on multiple occasions, but after missing out on a podium position with Team GB, Davies joined forces with promoter Dave Coldwell, and Tonks believes that his decision to punch for pay will be handsomely rewarded:

“You watch him on club shows and you hear reports from people about performances but when you’ve got him standing in front of you on the pads and you’re watching him spar, it’s then when you realise what a special talent he is. He’s took to the pro game like a fish to water so far and I’m not surprised in the slightest to hear people speak well of him. It’s really up to Robbie how far he can go.”

In outings scheduled for the final two months of the year in Manchester (Bowlers, November 22nd) and Liverpool (Olympia, December 14), Davies Jnr will box back to back six rounders as he aims to build on his explosive start. Tonks fully believes that Davies Jnr will continue to get the right fights at the right time as he looks to make a dent on the domestic rankings, but this could happen in one of two weight divisions. 

Tonks says: “We’re still not sure what weight we want Robbie at because I feel he could be a force at both lightweight and light-welter but we’ve got to make sure he can do the lower weight and feel strong at it. He’s in good hands in terms of promotion and we know Dave [Coldwell] has been impressed with what he’s seen so far and I know that there’s a lot more to come from him. Twelve months from now, I’m confident that he’ll be a name that everyone in boxing will certainly know of.”


Eric Armit's Snips and Snipes - April 17, 2014

The live gate for Pacquiao vs. Bradley II came to almost $8 million, so with Pacquiao guaranteed $20 million and Bradley $6 million it gives a picture of just how much money TV puts into the pot. I am surprised there is not a market in 'idols of the gods of TV' as there's a lot of big time fighters who should be worshipping at the entertainment temple that makes them so rich.

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