Chris Turley responds to Iain Weaver’s open letter to the BBBoC

On Tuesday, Rio Di Caro, who is involved in various boxing interests including the Malta Boxing Commission, emailed to members of the boxing press an open letter to the British Boxing Board of Control, signed by former Team GB boxer Iain Weaver. As has been reported, Iain has sadly been refused a licence to box by the Board due to an arachnoid cyst on his brain, which the Board says is of a type known to be associated with increased risk of bleeding following trauma. The letter contains statements from several medical professionals supporting Iain's application.

The letter (which Mr Di Caro said had been agreed for publication by lawyers acting on the case, and asked to be published in its entirety) also contains the following in relation to the Board's decision to re-licence Cefn Fforest super bantamweight Robbie Turley:

Besides my own request being refused, I am aware that you have also refused two further boxers, who had applied around the same time as myself for the same, or similar, reasons. Today I learned that one of those you had refused to license, Robbie Turley, has now been granted a license by yourself, following his team initiating legal proceedings against the BBBofC.”

“I am not alone in my disgust of the hypocrisy and malicious actions by the British Boxing Board of Control, not just in your dealings with regard to my application and subsequent licensing by the Malta Boxing Commission, but also that by your recent action of licensing Mr. Turley, clearly shows that you had no good reason to refuse his license in the first place, otherwise surely you would have been confident of your position in court.”

(click here to read the full letter on Boxing News)

Robbie Turley’s father Chris contacted BoxRec News yesterday to state:

“We have seen the open letter being circulated around the media and boxing outlets and are concerned with the way that Robbie's name is being attached to this case. In our opinion there is also some misinformation contained in the letter.

“As much as we sympathise with Iain Weaver's predicament, we believe that safety is paramount in boxing. Robbie has had a Pineal cyst since birth, as do approximately 20 per cent of the world's population. It was determined that a small amount of fluid had accumulated within it and therefore needed to be examined.

“The board suspended Robbie's licence until the results of the examinations were fully conducted, which was a sensible course of action. After being examined by top endocrinolgists it was determined that the cyst remained benign and there was no risk of further injury through Robbie pursuing a boxing career.

“Once we made the board aware of the results they reviewed the case and decided Robbie was free to continue boxing, for which we are very grateful. It has been a difficult period for Robbie and he is now looking forward to putting it behind him and fighting on the 13th December. If all goes well Robbie is hoping to challenge for titles again before too long.

“Iain Weaver is suffering with a different problem - an anachroid cyst. We do not possess the medical knowledge necessary to comment on this but appreciate that the Board must judge each individual case on its merits.

“We wish Iain all the very best and while we accept that Iain Weaver, his family and management are free to conduct their  business however they wish, we would like to make it clear that although Robbie's name is mentioned, we were not consulted about the letter and remain grateful to the Board for the way they handled Robbie's case.”
Chris Turley (Robbie's Turley’s father)


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