Scott Harrison gets another big chunk of Spanish jail time

Scott Harrison’s violent past in Spain has come back to haunt him once more. The former WBO featherweight champion has been sentenced to another four years in jail after being found guilty of assaulting three men at a Malaga brothel in 2007.

The Scotsman reports that Harrison is likely to appeal in an attempt to ensure he can fight John Simpson on December 1st - though that seems the least of his current concerns.
His manager Alex Morrison, speaking last week after Harrison was reportedly seen drunk in an Edinburgh nightspot despite supposedly preparing for his latest comeback fight, called that incident a ‘blip’ before the fighter was due to commence serious training in Spain.
Whilst he might have been training, it appears that Harrison had to return to Malaga for the verdict of his trial which took place back on September 26th. Yet again, the verdict went against Harrison, just as it did when he ended up serving a 30-month sentence for a previous assault near the same Spanish town in 2005. This time he received two years for each of the two serious assaults and a fine for the lesser assault. Two of Harrison’s cousins, Edward and David McGill were also arrested but the Spanish authorities have so far failed to track them down.
One of the victims was brothel owner Francisco Gonzalez, who told the three trial judges that Harrison had punched his front tooth out as he tried to defend two customers Harrison and his cousins were attacking.
Lead judge Julian Cruz, in a nine-page sentencing document, said: “Scott Harrison is not a first-time offender and his criminal record reflects a prior assault conviction.
“We’re also taking into account the dangerous nature of this criminal attack, in terms of where Francisco was hit, the serious injuries inflicted on the victims, and the fact one of the accused was a professional boxer with extensive experience when it comes to fighting.”
Construction worker Salvador Jimenez was the second serious assault – he was off work for 77 days with injuries to his knees, wrist and elbow. Harrison was fined £960 for a third minor assault on Salvador’s friend Rafael Sainz, who committed suicide in January 2009. The boxer was also ordered to pay nearly £8,300 in compensation to his victims, including £1,600 to the brothel owner for the loss of his tooth.
Gonzalez told the judges that Harrison attacked him as he tried to defend the other two Spaniards Harrison assaulted inside the sex club - allegedly with his two cousins - in an unprovoked attack. The three Scots are said to have waited outside the brothel and set about the pair with their fists, feet, bottles and stones as they left to find an ambulance.
Harrison, who attended court with his fiancee Stacey Gardner and son Jack, four, insisted: “All I tried to do was escape when people I’ve never met before started throwing bottles at us for reasons I didn’t know. I’ve no idea how the men who claimed we attacked them suffered their injuries.”
The judges didn’t believe him.
They added: “Even though the injuries Mr Gonzalez’s customers suffered were also caused by his companions, Scott Harrison actively participated with punches and kicks and therefore has to assume responsibility for the consequences, whether they were directly the result of his criminal actions or of others’.”
Image: Scott Harrison on trial in Malaga on September 26th


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