Khazi cut KO'd Danny Williams

Even by boxing's standards, the circumstances surrounding the cancellation of last Saturday's proposed fight in Hungary between ancient home country heavy Zoltan Petranyi and British veteran Danny Williams were bizarre.

The contest for the ludicrous UBO title at Budapest's Ramada Hotel was thought to be going ahead right up until the last minute, to the extent that Petranyi had even completed a pre-fight warm up.
Both men then entered the ring only for Williams, sporting a dressing over his right eye, to apologise to everyone and say the fight was over due to a bad cut he had sustained.
Top European fight writer Per Ake Persson has revealed the cause of the cut over at Boxing Scene. It seems our Danny had a fall in the bathroom on the day of the fight, suffered the cut and called Petranyi at 2pm to tell him what had happened. The Hungarian Federation despatched a doctor to see Williams. The medic's opinion was that he was fine to proceed with the bout and it looked like it might go ahead.
Perhaps Williams had second thoughts. He told the crowd that he would be back in September for what will be Petranyi's final fight. Whether the 46 year-old Hungarian can motivate himself to 'get in shape' for that one will have to be seen.


Wladimir Klitschko and Alex Leapai

An alphabet of world heavyweight titles are on the line this weekend when Wladimir Klitschko and Alex Leapai trade blows in Germany on Saturday night. The question for punters however is, just how much action will there be?

Fight Reports

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