Crackers Chisora threatens to 'choke Haye to death'

Dereck Chisora has said that once he beats 'this bastard' David Haye, if he hears any excuses from him he will 'choke him to death'.

Speaking to On the Ropes Boxing Radio about his proposed July 14th fight against Haye, Chisora said, “(After I beat him) If he comes out with an excuse, saying any silly excuse, I will run over there and I will physically fight him, I will choke him to death, this bastard.”
Chisora reflected on various aspects of his brief but stormy relationship with Haye and expressed regret about his previous threats to shoot his nemesis.
“I regret saying I wanted to shoot David Haye because I never want to kill anybody, I've never killed anybody...I've never owned a gun before and I never will…except maybe if we went to fucking war, yeah, (I) definitely would buy one.”
Showing both a grudging admiration for Haye’s verbal dexterity and a shaky understanding of the British constitution, Chisora said, "If he wanted to be the King he could talk himself into the Houses of Parliament and then be a king, to be honest. I thought Floyd Mayweather was worse but he's worse. Floyd talks and delivers. Haye talks and then brings his toe out.”


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