Clinton Woods quits pro boxing for good

Sheffield's former world light-heavyweight champion Clinton Woods has turned his back on professional boxing, seemingly for good.
One of the toughest Brits to lace up the gloves, Woods told the Sheffield Star that he "hated every minute" of his brief time as a trainer.

He's going to keep his Sheffield gym open but focus on boxercise classes and amateur boxers.
“I hated it. Every minute of it," Woods told his local newspaper. “I didn’t retire from boxing so I could spend even more time in the gym than when I was fighting.
“I don’t know what came over me on fight nights, but I hated them and everybody who saw me thought I was a right miserable so and so.  The fighters were a bit disappointed but this is my life and I didn’t want to work at times of the day that didn’t suit me.
“I look forward to the exercise classes with males and females who can be aged anything from seven to 60. And the one-on-one sessions are good too.
“My gym has passed an inspection and when I get everything I need I will start training amateur boxers that have come through my system. Lewis Taylor (young pro) for instance came through Hillsborough Boys, but I want kids brought up in my own way.
“I don’t know why professional training didn’t suit me, but bringing kids through does, it’s great. It’s a much more relaxed atmosphere and that’s what I am looking for.”
Former ABA champion and current pro middleweight prospect Liam Cameron recently jumped ship cross-city from Woods to the Ingles but Woods denied that had anything to do with his decision.
 “Good luck to Liam, I hope he does well - I think he has got what it takes to be a champion. I believe he has got the right team behind him there and can spend the amount of time on him that I couldn’t.”


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