Boxxerworld launches their new range - with a special offer for BoxRec readers

After a year and a half of round the clock work, Boxxerworld has launched its ready-made range with a message that boxers need to become more like other elite athletes and take the quality of their training gear more seriously.
To celebrate their assault on the ready-to-wear market, the company is offering introductory low prices plus 15% off selected items for BoxRec readers for a limited time.

Simply visit their SPECIAL OFFER page and use this special BOXREC code XXDISCOUNT15
Managing Director, Laura Saperstein, says the company has focused on the technical issues she found lacking in training gear available to her as a professional boxer.
“Boxers do an incredibly broad range of training types from long runs, to sprints, pad work, circuits, ground work, sparring, interval training and stretching. The body goes from cold to hot to cool again (and in the UK often to freezing!). Most of what we wear is hopelessly unsuited to these varied movements and changes in temperature. The worst base layer is cotton- it’s restrictive of movement, gets wet and heavy, and smells in your kit bag. Yet most boxers choose the most cheap and cheerful t-shirts and track bottoms offered by our competitors.”
Boxxerworld has created a range of garments designed to give full range of motion, that are light-weight, quick drying and can be layered under other garments during warm-up. Their X-train shorts (pictured) are designed in basic black with red highlights to hide inevitable marks. They feature a pocket with sports zip for ipods or wallet, gymsheild interior pocket, draw string, velcro and press-button closing, elasticated side panels to prevent movement during skipping and are made from fully stretchable polyester. With discount they are only £23.80 and compare in technical details to top MMA shorts that retail at £45.
Other products include Stay-Dry vests made from moisture-wicking fabric with specially sculpted patterns to give a quality fit and a huge range of ultra modern-designed boxing shorts which can be personalised with the boxers name.
BoXXerworld says that boxers have become used to cheap, low quality products. With this they sacrifice both comfort and the elite performance capabilities that other top athletes rightly expect of their training gear.
“To perform at the highest levels, an athlete’s body temperature needs to be regulated correctly, he needs to be comfortable and he needs to be able to move freely. If any of those elements are missing, and for many boxers most of these elements are missing on a daily basis, then they will not be getting what they should out of training sessions. I think it’s a matter of boxers not valuing themselves enough as athletes and it’s time that changed. They are some of the most dedicated, talented athletes on the planet,” says Saperstein.
Asked why BoXXerworld chose Boxrec as it’s partner to launch it’s Ready-to-Wear range, Saperstein said, “Boxers around the world come to BoxRec for the technical fight information. Every boxer knows how important it is to have fight stats and opponent information they can trust. So it made sense for us to go with a trusted name who’s serious about giving fighters a great technical product they need, no nonsense. We’re all about the same thing."
Boxxerwold’s unique designs in ready-made competition shorts are proving a hit with amateurs and professionals, as an affordable option to full customisation. The company offers probably the largest selection of colours and styles on the market.  
As the new kid on the fightwear block, Boxxerworld has also tried to distinguish itself by making all its training-wear double as streetwear with designs with design which can be dressed up or down with jeans and t-shirts. Keep an eye out for their unusual range of T-shirts coming out this summer.


Crolla V Murray

A lot of people consider the lightweight bout taking place in Manchester this weekend between Anthony Crolla (27-4-1) and John Murray (32-2) to be a very close call indeed. The contest, in UK's second biggest city on Easter Weekend, is for the WBO lightweight Inter-continental title, but the significance of the result means more than the marginal title as it will put them a step closer to a world title fight. Even if this isn't immediately forthcoming, the division is stacked in Britain, and can throw up some massive domestic scraps.

Fight Reports

Crag Whyatt v Ben Moorish, Camden Centre, 11th April

Last Friday at the Camden Centre, Morden super featherweight Craig Whyatt (7-1) liquidated Plymouth’s Ben Morrish (3-8-2) in the first round to bag the Masters Bronze super featherweight belt. This was scheduled for eight, but when Morrish tried to turn it into a brawl he quickly came off second best after Jeff Hinds halted proceedings following his third knockdown.