Ace Evangelou plans his route to the top

Enfield prospect Andreas Evangelou makes his fifth professional start this Saturday, at the Royal Albert Hall. The elder brother of exciting prospect Chris Evangelou campaigns in the light-heavyweight division and after a relatively short amateur career is looking to make an impact on the domestic professional scene.
The 28 year-old's unbeaten record stands at 4-0 with one stoppage win.

How much amateur experience did you have and what was the highlight?
Although I didn't have loads of amateur fights I have been in and around boxing for over 10 years. As an amateur I sparred world champions including a lot of sparring in Los Angeles, at the Wild Card Gym. They were highly competitive and I learnt a lot. My greatest accomplishment was when I won a gold medal at a European tournament in Sweden, along with my brother undefeated Chris 'The Flash' Evangelou.
What differences have you found between the paid and unpaid ranks?
I prefer the paid ranks, as with amateur its hit and move to score points. With the paid ranks you set your feet more - to hurt your opponent. That suits me more as although I'm a mover in the ring, I'm also a big hitter and when I move from four rounds to six, I can see myself stopping a lot of my opponents by wearing them down.
You've had four fights, so far, as a professional. How do you rate your performances so far?
Three of the four fights I've had have gone great and I learnt a lot from them. However, two fights back I had a real tough one (against Matt Inman). I thought I would knock him out in the first or second round and really went for him. He was a European ‘MMA’ champion, though, and knew what to do to tie me up and get me tired. I didn't enjoy that one but really glad I had it as I learnt more in that fight than any other I've had and relax more when I fight now.
Where do you normally train?
I train in Edmonton, North London at Edmonton Eagles. It's my dad's gym and I feel at home there.
Who are your manager and/or promoter?
My manager is my father and I am promoted by Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Sport.
You're fighting this Saturday, at the historic Royal Albert Hall. Will this be the best venue that you've fought at?
Well, I made my professional debut in Wembley Arena, so that's maybe the best venue so far, but the Royal Albert Hall is just as big in my opinion.
Who are you fighting on Saturday and how much do you know about them - in terms of their ability, strengths and weaknesses?
I only got the fight this week, so my opponent is yet to be named. Once I know I will have a game plan to beat him.
For the fans that may not have seen you yet - how would you describe your fighting style and what are your strengths?
Well, I fight at 12st 7lbs and I'm 6ft 1in, which is a good height for the weight. My coach is Cuban, so he likes us moving around the ring a lot and throwing combinations. My younger brother is great at this. I like to box most of the time although I do like a tear up at times. I've got a big heart and when it gets tough in the ring I just dig deep and fight.
Your nickname is 'The Ace' - Is there a reason for the name?
Well, my initials are ACE so I used that, plus I can't think of any other boxer being called ‘The ACE’ and I like what it stands for.
The British scene is pretty competitive in the light-heavyweight division. How long, do you think, before you are challenging for area and British titles?
I'm hoping this is my last four rounder before moving up to six. I'm hoping for a couple more then I aim to call out the current English champion before my tenth fight and hopefully, within the next year. I work full time with youths at the moment which is very hard, as it's like having two full-time jobs. Getting that title (English) will allow me to attract more sponsorship, get paid a lot more per fight and focus on fighting, which would give me a few more hours to myself each day - when I leave my job.
Nathan Cleverly was meant to top the bill on Saturday. He's a current 'world champion at light heavyweight. How highly do you rate him and can you envisage yourself some day sharing a ring with him?
I think he's a good boxer and very fit. I sparred him, after my pro debut in Wales, while he was peaking for his world title challenge. It went well and although I was out of my comfort zone being in his gym, with Sky Sports filming me for the first time. In no way did I feel that I was out of my league and left feeling really confident that I could be a world champion, when the time comes. I'm not looking for that fight right now but when the time comes; if I have to fight him I'll be ready.
There is a big light-heavyweight world title fight on Saturday night - the rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson. How do you see that going?
I think Hopkins on points.
Finally, do you have a prediction for your fight on Saturday?
Hopefully a KO!


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