Chisora: “I won...but I wish Helenius all the best'

It was confirmed at the post-fight press conference that it was a sell out crowd of 12,738 fans inside the Hartwall Arena – the largest indoor crowd for a boxing match in Finland.
What follows are some quotes from the post-fight press conference.

Helenius was asked if this was his hardest fight: “Yeah, of course it was. I hurt him in the first round and I hurt my right hand as well. So during the fight, when it got longer it started to hurt even more.
“I know I can do better, but I hurt my right hand and it put my concentration a little bit off balance”.
A philosophical and magnanimous Chisora: “I said I would come and fight. I said I would come and bring it to him, and you know what – I did. He (Helenius) don’t sound like a guy who won the fight. If he did win the fight he would be happy he knows the truth. I don’t blame it on him – it is not his fault. I have to blame the judges and the people scoring the fight, because me and him are just the fighters and I wish him all the best."
Chisora on the prospect of a rematch: “I would love a rematch, but I want a rematch on a neutral ground, but not here (Helsinki) or in London – we find somewhere else, I think me and him will sell out. We have to have a rematch between January or February.
“I did get robbed, most people in here know that I got robbed and even his promoter knows that I got robbed, so now we are going to make noise – I want a rematch. I said it before that this guy cannot beat and he did not beat me. I took all of his shots. In the first round, yes, I was kind of warming up and he did hurt me and I jumped on him. This after that I took control of the fight and I want a rematch."
Promoter Wilfried Sauerland: “First of all we are lucky we won the fight, it was a very close fight. There were many fouls because of his (Chisora) fouls with the head, arms and elbows. So for Robert, it was a learning experience for him. I think that if it had been a draw we could have had a rematch straight away but Robert has to fight Alexander Dimtrenko as he is the mandatory challenger (for the EBU title). After that, he can definitely have a rematch….”
Chisora interrupted Wilfried Sauerland: “I am sorry to interrupt you. It is not up to you no more – it is up to the public. Forget about Dimtrenko, me and him – we have to do this again.”
Kalle Sauerland asked the Frank Warren-promoted Chisora: “A rematch. How will you get the money?”
Chisora: “Don’t worry. Listen, I know friends with money. We are going to raise the money – money is no issue – don’t worry about it.”
Kalle Sauerland: “Then we are in business”.
Wilfried Sauerland: “It is not up to you or us to decide this. You have to make an application and if the EBU says, look we let Dimtrenko wait – then we can discuss this. There are rules. And you say that according to the rules you have won this. So according to the rules the guy who had the European title, took it away from because he was injured and couldn’t fight tonight, so they have said that within 120 days – or 90 days I don’t even know, that match has to take place and then after that – no problem. But if you get the EBU to change this ruling then we can discuss."
Helenius' trainer, Ulli Wegner: “It wasn’t the best heavyweight fight, but it was one of the most exciting heavyweight fights I have seen in a very long time. It was very, very close but it is not something that we have to discuss here. Now we have to defend our title and I am sure Chisora will get his rematch and I am sure the managers will work that out. All I want to say is that I am sure that the crowd really liked the fight today and it was worth them to come.
Chisora's trainer Don Charles: “Dereck done everything that I asked him to do. It was a very good fight. Robert, I can give him one thing for nothing – he can take a shot. He (Helenius) took a lot of heavy shots in there. But the result – I am lost for words.
“Can I say that decisions like that tonight is killing boxing in general – it is suffocating boxing. In all of the other sports coming through like MMA, if we don’t do something about this kind of results, then MMA is going to become more popular than boxing because of this type of decisions. We really have to address it because it is just outrageous these type of decisions. The whole world knows that we won the fight tonight.”
Kalle Sauerland: “The crowd during the national anthem, I didn’t realize how patriotic Finland is – it was certainly goose bumps. It was a great crowd and it was a great fight and...I think it is one that we can do again.” [Kalle Sauerland also confirmed that he had scored the fight a draw].
Robert Helenius on a possible rematch with Chisora: “Yes of course but we have to talk with the promoters first and the managers – they decide, but of course I am ready.”
Image of Dereck Chisora with Don Charles, copyright Brendan Galbraith/BoxRec News


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