Ryan Barrett - Getting back in the mix for 2010

Last time out versus Gary McArthur in Glasgow, Ryan Barrett (18-7-2) was on the wrong side of a controversial points decision. The fight took place in January but he has not let the nature of the defeat get him down, in fact he’s straight back in the gym preparing for his return bout on March 13th in Milton Keynes against Dean Mills (3-3-2). 

Not just in Britain but all over the globe disputed decisions seem to be occurring more often and Ryan was willing to share his thoughts on the matter.
“The fight against McArthur, I don’t know what some people saw when they watched this fight. Gary even said to me when I went to the changing room afterwards that I won every round but on the scorecard I lost by two rounds. Personally I don’t think I lost this fight or the Limond fight in Glasgow.
"If they want to score it against me then score it against me by all means, the judges are trying to keep the peace in the arena, I can understand that but I just get peeved when they get it so wrong. I boxed one way against Limond on the back foot then I boxed McArthur pushing him back for eight rounds, I didn’t have a mark on me in either fight and they scored it totally different to what everyone around me is saying. I spoke to Limonds trainer after the McArthur fight and he said he could not believe it.”
These sort of things can affect a boxer's career but Ryan remains positive. “I do get annoyed but I just dust myself down and forget about it. I wouldn’t want to go back to Scotland unless I was getting paid properly. I only take fights I think I can win like the Limond and McArthur fights and I would give them a rematch any day of the week but I can't imagine they would say the same thing back though.”
In his next fight Ryan has been matched against Somerset’s Mills over six rounds. “This is like a comeback fight for me, it's maybe not the best comeback fight but I had agreed with Steve Goodwin that I would fight on the March show. It’s a keep busy fight because at the moment for whatever reason people don’t want to fight me and that is coming up in weight as well.
"This is the most excited I have been for a fight, even since I signed with Warren and Maloney, I’m really looking forward to what his new promotional company has set up.”
When it comes to training, Ryan has a great set up. “I have got a shop in Eltham with my dad and his brother selling boxing equipment and we have a gym out the back and I do all my training there, we have a lot of top amateurs that come to our gym.
"If I go off for sparring I head off to Norwich to spar with the Walsh brothers, I usually spar with Liam.”
Ryan has fought most of his career at featherweight and super-featherweight. “I am a big super-featherweight or a fairly smallish lightweight. I am 6 foot tall and trying to get down to 9st 4lb I really gotta work at it. I am not one of these fighters that says I make the weight easy, lightweight is not that easy to make but its easier than super-feather.
"All my best fights have been down at super-feather, I've had some really good scraps down there but at the moment the lightweight division seems to be the best option, if I was offered British title fight then I would definitely consider moving back down.”
While discussing his career so far which has included English, British and WBU titles fights, Ryan was asked what has been the highlight so far. I don’t think too many people will be surprised by the answer.
“I suppose it was fighting and knocking out Femi Fehintola in 2008 and winning the English title, that was a great win but I just felt sorry for him because he was out cold and went straight to hospital. My fight against Jamie McKeever for the British masters title was a great night for me. Also, it was a privilege to share the ring with Amir Khan, that fight was a real eye opener for me.”
Amir Khan beat Ryan in 2006 but he was full of praise for the Bolton man. “Yeah he was always destined to win a major title without a doubt. The ability of the man is head and shoulders above everyone else. Whether he will beat a real world class fighter remains to be seen. Due to his ability he would have gone on to win titles regardless of who was guiding his career. Bredis Prescott has shown us all what his chin is like but that night he really did fight the wrong fight.”
2010 has plenty to offer Ryan and his aim is to get himself in the picture for another shot at a British title at either super-feather or lightweight. I’m sure it will be an exciting year for Ryan and wish him the best of luck.


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