Murtagh brings out injury proof

When Dublin super-middleweight Anthony Fitzgerald won the Irish title against Belfast's Ciaran Healy, on Saturday 13th Feburary in the National Stadium, one man was sitting at home wondering what might have been. Leeds battler Lee Murtagh was twice pencilled in against Fitzgerald and twice pulled out with unrelated knee problems.
Tired of slurs on boxing forums, Murtagh has responded by sending BoxRec News his medical papers as proof that his problems were genuine.


Principal: SANDY LEAF

Hpc ref no/ ph76279


Dear Sirs,
On examination of Mr Lee Murtagh I found the following:-
 Swelling and contusions surrounding the muscles of the knee joint in particular to the medial aspect of the joint
Loss of mobility to this area due to the amount of effusion sustained to the knee
There was joint haemarthrosis (bleeding into the knee joint)
On palpation he experienced localized pain especially at the medial borders of the knee.
The amount of swelling and contusions in this area prevented me from being able to do any test to diagnose accurately to what extent of damage he had done to his knee.
Mr Lee Murtagh has had intense physiotherapy treatment for a week. He applied conservative measures of first aid immediately to his knee all to no avail. The swelling did not subside and the pain became progressively worse. There was haematoma down all of the leg both back and front. He could not walk without the assistance of crutches and was unable to drive.
On February the 5th, Mr Lee Murtagh made the decision he could not fight with the extent of pain and loss of movement. On this decision I advised him to visit the hospital for an x-ray.
Due to the nature of how he sustained this injury and my findings, I believe it is quite possible that he has injured the anterior cruciate ligament. I also believe he has an ‘unhappy triad’ injury. This means he has torn the medial ligament, the medial meniscus as well as the anterior cruciate ligament. X-rays are ineffective at this stage of an injury due to the amount of effusion surrounding the joint. When the swelling has subsided then an accurate diagnosis will be able to be made.
I hope this information is useful to you. Please feel free to contact me and I will accommodate you with any further information you require where necessary.
Re: Mr. Lee MurtaghMr. Lee Murtagh visited my clinic on the 31st January 2010, and was presented with a left knee injury that had been a consequence of him twisting his knee whilst training. In his consultation he complained of the severity of pain. He explained that he heard an audible snap and a giving way of the knee on the onset of pain.

AAF MASTERS (dip), MSCP, MICHT, ITEC (DIP), LCSP (phys), srp, hpc rec.

 (YMCA?  Is this a wind up, Steve?  - Ed.)


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