Exclusive - Britain falls into line and changes cuts rule

BoxRec News understands that the British Boxing Board of Control is imminently about to change its rulebook as regards cuts stoppages.
Britain has been out of step - and many would argue out of line - in its anachronistic cuts rule which meant that a fighter who could no longer continue because of a cut would automatically lose the contest, however the cut was caused, as long as the other fighter wasn't disqualified.

The current rule as applies is 3.34, 'If at any time during a contest, a Referee decides at his complete discretion that one opponent is outclassed or is unable to continue as a result of injury, or is not in a position to continue boxing or, at the conclusion of any round, is ten points or more behind his opponent, he shall stop the Contest and declare the opponent the winner.'
After much consideration, the BBBofC will announce that they are to fall in line with the rules of the European Boxing Union.  Over-simplistically, this means that if a cut caused accidentally brings a halt to a contest within the first four rounds, the result will be a Technical Draw.  After that, it will go to the scorecards. 
This is definitely a major step in eradicating one of the anachronisms of our game which has occasionally led to injustice and indignation - well done to the BBBoC for finally addressing it.
Some information for purposes of clarity:
- if a cut is caused by a legal punch and the cut boxer is stopped, he loses
- if a cut is an intentional foul and the boxer can't continue, the offender is disqualified; if he can continue, the offender is deducted two points (as long as the Referee has decided not to disqualify him for the offence anyway)
- if the bout is allowed to continue (after a cut has been caused by an intentional foul) and is later stopped because of the same injury, the injured boxer will win by Technical Decision, if he's ahead on the cards; if the injured boxer is behind or level on the cards it will be a technical draw
- all partial rounds will be scored so if no action has occured in the round in which the contest is stopped, that will be declared an even round
- some governing bodies rules are slightly different, e.g. whether a stoppage of the nature described in the first four rounds is classed as a Technical Draw or No Decision


Derry Mathews

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